Offerings of talks and workshops
from Brian Keats

The Mystery of Life in the Southern Hemisphere
Forces at work in the Antarctic and Australia.


Stars of the Southern Hemisphere
The Sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs - how can we begin to understand them?

Cosmogony and Cosmology. World beginnings
History of Astronomy through the biographies of some of its genii

Deepening an understanding of Biodynamics
Universal Forces at work

Planting to Cosmic Rhythms.

Earthly and Cosmic Nutrition Streams. We are what we eat or is it we are what we sense?

Towards a deeper understanding of Nutrition and Health

Food for Thought, Love and Action

The processes of nutritional intake and digestion is not as it seems on first glance …. or even the second and third glances. It is indeed extraordinarily mysterious. With help from the insights of Rudolf Steiner we can restore some wisdom and well being into our family health and personal diets.

From Gaia to Chiron via Prometheus

Looking at World Evolution through Greek Mythology
These myths help us become conscious of our own soul’s life

Pythagoras in the Light of the Times of Archangel Michael
Life of Pythagoras and the unfolding of World History.
Pharos, the 7th wonder of the Ancient World and changing human consciousness.
Pythagoras and Hypatia, the beginning and end of an extraordinary era in World History.

What is Spirit?

The Nature and evolution of Thinking

The Deeds of the Hierarchies

The Human Being as a Seed of the Logos

The Calendar of the Soul

Over the course of a year every week is subtly and potently different in Nature

The Soul has a parallel journey which we can get to know and along with grow


I like to combine science with imagination to investigate the wonders and mysteries of life.

Astronomy and the Human Being

Starwatch with Greek and Aboriginal myths and legends of the night sky

Cosmogony and Cosmology

No prior knowledge or skills in Astronomy needed. Teaching is done imaginatively with participants doing a lot of movement, dressed in specifically coloured costumes (if they are comfortable doing so) and emulating the planetary and star movements.

The Mystery of Life in the Southern Hemisphere
Forces at work in the Antarctic and Australia

Weather Forecasting

Long Term and Short Term Weather Forecasting

The 18.6 year lunar cycle, sunspots, Pluto and global warming

Lunar Rhythms and the atmospheric envelope of the Living Earth

Towards a healing of the Earth Being

Through an understanding of the weather we can gradually come to know, and participate consciously in, the rhythmic life body of the Earth. Gaia can become more than a concept.

Deepening an understanding of Biodynamics

Getting to know Limestone, Silica and Carbon

Observations and experiments.

Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats

How do we understand them in our diets and in Nature?

Sacred Geometry1 - The Solids of Plato

Making and Investigating the 5 Platonic Solids

Cube, Icosahedron, Octahedron, Tetrahedron and Dodecahedron

Earth, Water, Air, Fire and the Zodiac

Universal Laws of Form

No prior knowledge or skills in Geometry needed

Sacred Geometry2 - Conic Sections
Ellipses, Parabolas and Hyperbolas

Their relationship to the circle and the Universal Laws of movement.

No prior knowledge or skills in Geometry needed

Sacred Geometry3 - Projective Geometry

Exploring the Shape and Boundaries of Space

Delving into Infinity and Stretching your mind!

No prior knowledge or skills in Geometry needed

The Universal Forces of ­­Light, Darkness and Colour

Investigating Goethe’s theory of colour.

Colour revelations in Nature

Practical applications on the farm and in the garden

Brian Keats grew up in Zimbabwe and is now a resident of Australia still under the southern skiesa . He has been compiling and producing the annual “ANTIPODEAN ASTRO CALENDAR” since 1985, is a founding member of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, and has given talks and workshops across Australia as well as in the USA, Canada and Japan. His interests range from Pythagoras to weather forecasting with specialist areas in naked eye astronomy and the science of the spirit.


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