Rudolf Steiner's Soul Calendar


Roland Schrapp's Soul Calendar Incarnation Cycle
Published in Easter 2020. The book is available in German, English and Spanish
or a free pdf download

Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul A Commentary
by Karl König ISBN: 0854403140

Men & Nature - A short Study of Rudolf Steiner's Soul Calendar & Twelve Moods
by Eleanor Merry (possibly out of print)

A Contemplation about Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul
by H. D. van Goudoever ISBN: 0-916786-76-5

Verse Dating Method

My method is intended for northern and southern hemisphere wholeness and for southern hemisphere festival/season compatability.
The year is taken to begin at Easter and end the following Easter.
Polar verses need to be worked with as well to have seasonal and festival experience.

The verses listed below are set:

1 Begins at Easter 27 Begins at Easter
52 to 8 Palm Sunday to Whitsun 26 to 34 Polar verses
12 to 15 Mid Summer and St John 38 to 41 Mid Winter and Holy Nights mood
26 to 41 Michaelmas to Epiphany 52 to 15 Polar verses

Then to work with variations in the number of the weeks between Easters I look at the non-set weeks between the set weeks.
If there are more verses than ‘spare’ weeks I will have 2 verses in some weeks.
If there are more weeks than available verses I will have verses repeated in some weeks.
(In this scenario the verse in the last week of the month is repeated in the first week of the following month).

The calendar I compile and publish gives the relevant verse for each week.

Antipodean Astro Calendar
for southern hemisphere


Brian Keats