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2024 Antipodean Astro Calendar
by Brian Keats

***SOLD OUT ***

37th Edition

For Southern Hemisphere - AEST
Adaptable to Northern Hemisphere

28 pages Full Colour

Please note - Orders from countries other than Australia and NZ may receive digital copies of the calendar due to lengthy delivery times

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NB: To 'drive' (read)' this calendar you will need to download the 28 page free pdf guide

All the Zodiac Constellation pictures described and drawn by Sophia Montefiore for the 2023 calendar and much more of her creative work will be available from her shop. The images from the calendar can be obtained in various formats and there will be a full description of her research writings behind the images in her book Visions of the Zodiac.

Please Note!! Clicking onto Sophia's site
will take you away from this one.

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Back Issues of the Calendars

Available in digital (no hardcopy) pdf files

Backorders of the calendar from 1987 onwards are available for $5 each. When ordering a copy, or copies. please send me an email to inform me which edition(s) of the calendar you require..

Prices at $Aus 5.00 each

Backissue Antipodean Astro Calendar

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