Talks and Workshops
offered by Brian Keats

The Biodynamic calendar uses a different zodiac to the magazine columns and my birth chart. is there a mistake? How do I come to reconcile the differences?
A look at the sidereal and tropical zodiacs.
Cosmogony and Cosmology - world beginnings.
  A look through Mythology and Spiritual Science
Universal Forces
Towards a deepening our understanding of Biodynamics.
We are what we eat and what we take in through our senses.
Towards a deeper understanding of nutrition and health. The processes of nutritional intake and digestion is not as it seems on first glance …. or even the second and third glances. It is indeed extraordinarily mysterious. With help from the insights of Rudolf Steiner we can restore some wisdom and well being into our family health and personal diets. How is BD food different?
Striving for Science of the Spirit
Calendar of the Soul
Saint John's Prologue
I like to combine science with imagination to investigate the wonders and mysteries of life.
Weather Forecasting

Through an understanding of the weather we can gradually come to know, and participate consciously in, the rhythmic life body of the Earth. Gaia can become more than a concept.
Topics covered:
Short term and long term weather;
18.6 year lunar cycle;
Sunspot cycles.

"A Study of the Music of the Spheres in Australian Weather Forecasting"
the talk or workshop would include:
projecting a map of the Zodiac onto the Earth with the help of Cyclone Tracey;
lunar declinations as a foundation matrix in appreciating the dynamics of high pressure cells transiting Australia;
planetary movement harmonics in weather orchestration.

It is a work in progress and will be a sharing of my findings.

No prior knowledge or skills in Astronomy needed.
Teaching is done imaginatively with participants using movement, specifically coloured costumes and emulating the planetary and star movements. A star watch with associated stories from Greek and Australian Aboriginal is included.
Understanding and Working with the Biodynamic Planting Calendar
A wealth of material to help towards an appreciation of minerals, plants, animals and the human beings relationship to the world.
Limestone, Silica and Carbon
Getting to know them through observations and simple yet profound experiments.
Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats
  How do we understand them in our diets and in Nature?

  Projective Geometry

"Wisdom weaves in the Light" This workshop on a little known area of Sacred Geometry takes a look at how laws inherent in the nature of light work into the shaping of space and how we perceive objects in space through our eyes. It can also give us insights into how plants grow and stay true to an archetype. No previous knowledge of Geometry or Mathematics is required. No measuring is necessary. Emphasis is upon the whole and inter-relationships.


Soul Calendar

A wonderful tool formeditation and Self contemplation.
  Every week nature is different, every week the soul accompanies it. This calendar has many open secrets about the Self.
Brian Keats grew up in Zimbabwe and is now a resident of Australia still under the southern skies. He has been compiling and producing the annual “Antipodean Astro calendar” since 1985, is a founding member of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, and has given talks and workshops across Australia as well as in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Denmark, China and Japan. His interests range from Pythagoras to weather forecasting with specialist areas in naked eye astronomy and the science of the spirit.

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